The antiquated notion of the wife staying at home with the kids while the husband worked as the family’s sole breadwinner is quickly becoming a thing of the past. However, men are continually viewed as nothing more than a money pit when it comes to the determination of alimony and child support payments.
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 03:02

Top 10 Fathers Rights Facts

fathers rights factsSome of the most popular articles on deal with the facts and figures of discrimination against men and fathers that are so often overlooked by society and mainstream media.

This list of fathers rights facts is provided by the Father's Rights Council of Georgia, an organization dedicated to helping fathers learn their rights, use their rights, and build productive unhindered relationships with their children.

child support enforcementAfter establishing, enforcing, and collecting child support orders for several years before joining Cordell & Cordell, I have gotten to know the ins and outs of the child support system very well.

I have also heard probably every excuse under the sun for not paying or not wanting to pay child support, and the stark reality is the vast majority of men do not receive much sympathy from the court.

While there may be room for discretion or leeway in certain cases, it is a pretty narrow issue involving statutory guidelines, percentages, and a handful of formulas.

In my experience, the family court commissioners and judges will stay very close to those guidelines unless there is a very compelling reason to deviate. Each state has a strong interest in ensuring that the needs of all children born and living here are met. As a matter of law and public policy, the court upholds those principles.

Thursday, 05 January 2012 18:11

Alimony Reform Gaining National Attention

alimony reformThe Florida alimony reform movement is gaining national attention. News anchor Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show "Anderson" will highlight alimony problems facing men in Florida and across the country in an upcoming episode.

Florida's leading reform group, Florida Alimony Reform, says with no guidelines in the current Florida alimony laws, awards often last until death, and payments can be more than 70 percent of a payer's income. Permanent alimony is often awarded to alcoholics, criminals, and to women who commit adultery and leave their husbands.

Alan Frisher, a divorce financial analyst and co-director of Florida Alimony Reform, told a Florida TV station that the state's antiquated alimony laws are "causing people to go into bankruptcy, to fight a system where the only solution is to either pay or be incarcerated."

Tuesday, 27 December 2011 20:29

Common Child Support Mistakes

child support agreementMany parties fall into situations over time when circumstances have changed since the last child support order.

Agreeing to pay for certain other expenses in lieu of direct child support payments and paying child support obligations in advance are two common mistakes men make in divorce.

child support agreementMany parties make "informal" agreements regarding child support, thereby veering from the written court order, but fail to file the new agreement with the court.

While this may be a tempting option in order to avoid legal fees and the hassle of going through the court, the potential pitfalls and ramifications of such informal agreements are costly, and can lead to much higher legal fees and headaches in the long run when you need to hire a divorce lawyer to seek court intervention after the informal agreement goes sour.

The most common example of this practice is agreeing to pay less than the current child support order.

Wednesday, 07 December 2011 16:34

Child Support Facts and Fathers Rights

child support enforcementNew child support facts show that $35.1 billion in child support was owed in 2009 with fathers representing only 17.8 percent of custodial parents.

Of the 11.2 million custodial mothers, almost 55 percent were awarded child support.

Yet of the less than 2.5 million custodial fathers in 2009, only 30.4 percent were awarded child support. That is significantly down from 2007 when 40.4 percent of custodial dads were awarded child support.

The latest report of child support facts is from 2009, the most recent data available according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Read 10 more facts about child support and fathers rights:

Friday, 04 November 2011 13:46

Alimony Reform Bills Filed In Florida

divorce alimonyWith the recent filing of two proposed bills, Florida politicians are spearheading efforts to move alimony reform forward within a state widely believed to be among the worst toward men when it comes to awarding spousal support.

Rep. Ritch Workman and Sen. Diaz de la Portilla have filed identical bills in the House and Senate, respectively, and will work to convince legislators that the state’s alimony laws are badly broken and need to be brought into the 21st century.

According to Florida Alimony Reform, the bills include provisions that will:

Thursday, 27 October 2011 13:19

More States Considering Alimony Reform

alimony reformCould alimony reform be on its way to West Virginia?

Following advantageous changes to alimony laws in favor of men's rights in several states, such as Massachusetts and Tennessee, West Virginia will now consider adopting guidelines similar to child support for awarding spousal support.

West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Margaret Workman said currently alimony awards are inconsistent and unpredictable since there is no framework for amount or duration.

paternity lawChild Support Question:

How do child support laws handle issues of potential paternity fraud?

My former girlfriend and I had a child out of wedlock who I pay child support for, though I rarely see him.

I've learned my ex lied to me about being the father and just wanted someone to help support the child.

Can I take a paternity test to officially determine I'm not the biological father and then terminate child support for a child I have no relationship with?

alimony reformMen's rights was delivered a victory by the Tennessee Supreme Court in a case that could determine the future of how alimony is awarded in that state.

In a unanimous decision, the state's highest court ruled the award of lifetime alimony and attorney fees to a man's ex-wife were inappropriate because the wife was healthy, held a stable well-paying job and received considerable assets through the division of marital property.

This alimony case involved a wife, Johanna Gonsewski, who claimed she deserved $15,000 a year in alimony despite the fact she earns $72,000 a year.

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