shared parentingBy Sarah J. Merry

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

A quick search on Google shows that “shared parenting” is a hot button issue in many states across the nation.

Shared parenting refers to two parents who have divorced or separated, or who were never married, sharing residential custody of their child on an equal or near equal basis and being equally empowered to make decisions regarding their child.

Unfortunately, most reports on this subject reveal there is a great deal of opposition to the implementation of laws that either allow (yes, allow) a judge to consider shared parenting or that set forth a presumption that parents should share time with their kids.

While South Dakota just passed legislation which allows a judge to consider shared parenting during a custody hearing, and Arkansas passed a law in 2013 which states that joint custody is favored in an action for divorce, many states have opposed or failed to pass such laws.

marc anthony child supportBy Caroline Cordell

Marc Anthony, the famous singer and actor, is back in court again fighting his ex-wife on the issue of child support. Right now, Marc Anthony pays a "paltry" $13,000 a month in child support to support his two children.

But, apparently that’s not enough.

His ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, is asking that this number be raised to $113,000 a month. That’s more than twice the amount the average American makes in a year. But, I’ll get to that point later.

Joseph Cordell, founder of divorce law firm Cordell & Cordell, recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post dispelling the myth of the “deadbeat dad.” This article chronicles the struggles of dads to pay child support so exorbitant that it cripples their ability to live their lives.

The essence of that article was that the court system in America does not treat fathers fairly when it comes to child support. Often, they are ordered to pay an amount that they cannot pay.

Thursday, 06 March 2014 16:44

Equal Parenting Time Bill Unlikely To Pass

parenting time billBy Caroline Cordell

History repeats itself once again with proposed legislation in Nebraska to create the presumption of equal parenting time unlikely to pass in the Nebraska State Senate.

Last month, published an article chronicling the exciting and promising custody reform in Nebraska, in particular the LB 1000 bill. The situation seemed encouraging, with the Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts releasing a report supporting the core tenets of the proposed legislation: divorced fathers have limited visitation with their children.

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly to those familiar with the family law courts, fathers are at an inherent disadvantage in Nebraska courts.

Monday, 10 February 2014 16:08

5 Reasons You Should Support Men's Rights

men's rights factsBy Caroline Cordell

The men’s rights movement is, on the basic level, a movement that seeks fairness for men in scenarios where women are presumed to have the advantage. Specifically, our website focus on men’s rights in the law because in almost every courtroom women have an inherent advantage.

The concept of “men’s rights” gets members of both genders riled up for often two reasons.

One, they don’t know what it means and so instead of researching the movement more, they decide they are against it.

And two, they think that men’s rights is the anti-feminist movement, made up of men who hate women and want to be the patriarch of our society.

Unsurprisingly, neither of those ideas is accurate. So, if you aren’t convinced of the need of the men’s rights movement, here are five reasons you should support this movement.

divorce financesBy Sarah J. Merry

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

If you have recently decided to seek a divorce from your spouse, or are contemplating doing so, you undoubtedly have questions about what you should or should not do with respect to your assets, debts, and household expenses.

You should always ask your family law attorney for advice on these matters, however, these general divorce finance tips should prove useful for any man who is just beginning the divorce process.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 20:36

Divorce Lawyer: To Hire or Not to Hire?

mens divorce lawyerBy Sarah J. Merry

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

As if coming to the decision to seek a divorce was not stressful and complicated enough, you are now facing the seemingly daunting task of hiring an attorney. Hiring a divorce lawyer, and, in particular, who you hire as your attorney, is an important decision and should be made after thorough consideration.

Just think: your matrimonial attorney is an individual with whom you will be spending a great deal of time with over the next several months, if not years (yes, sometimes even years) and he or she will be the person who you will count on to guide you through the divorce process.

Selecting an attorney is important, but selecting the RIGHT attorney for you is even more important! Several factors to consider during the attorney selection process are as follows:

Monday, 27 January 2014 21:58

Tax Tips For Divorced Men

divorce tax tipsTax season is quickly approaching, and for divorced men, this can be even more stressful than usual because of alimony, or maintenance, payments and child support.

You thought that you had survived the worst part of the year, the holidays, when the effects of your divorce are at their highest point. Finally you don’t have to worry about which days you will be able to see your kids, or how you can celebrate the holidays with them.

But, after a divorce, 97 percent of alimony payors are men, according to the US Census Bureau. Unsurprisingly, men also account for 85 percent of those ordered to pay child support.

So, chances are, you are likely paying both alimony and child support. These payments add up quickly, and it can seem overwhelming and crippling to send these out every month.

With all these payments, figuring out how to pay taxes is not easy. Here are some tips for filing for your taxes to help you during this stressful time:

joint custody statsBy Caroline Cordell

In Nebraska, a debate is raging on the merits of joint custody, also known as shared parenting.

As a result of the intense arguments brewing, the Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts released a shocking report on child custody orders in the state.

From 2002 to 2012:

  • 72 percent of the time mothers were awarded sole or primary custody
  • 13.8 percent of the time fathers were awarded sole or primary custody
  • 12.3 percent of the time equal parenting time was awarded
  • 72 percent of child custody cases result in dads only seeing their children 5.5 days a month.
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 15:40

How to Deal with Parental Alienation

Any father who has been the targeted parent of parental alienation and witnessed first-hand its dangerous effects always wants to know, “how could I have avoided this?”

Parental alienation disorder is a mental condition in which a child, usually one put in the middle of a contentious divorce, allies strongly with one parent and rejects a relationship with the other parent without legitimate justification.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 15:27

Men and Fathers: Get Your Justice

It’s no secret that men and fathers battling for equal rights face an uphill battle in a family court setting.

Lary Holland recognized this, but also saw more of a problem with family courts as a whole within the country.

So he started Get Your Justice Live, which originally was a podcast about the local laws and policies that he distributed to government employees.

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